Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ishiya: Shiroi Koibito(白い恋人) cookies


Bad lighting!? HAHA~ It's getting dark, that's why......
Anyway, I like the background~
The other day I was told by my brother that there's a Summer Hokkaido Fair going on and I tried out the chocolate cookies that he bought it at the fair. The cookies taste GREAT especially the white chocolate flavor! I went to the fair the next day just to buy 2 boxes of the cookies. *laughs nervously*

Ever heard of Ishiya: 'Shiroi Koibito(白い恋人) cookies'?

Even though my brother knew that Ishiya's white chocolate cookies are the most famous one, he bought the assorted box because he wanted to try out the milk chocolate flavor.

While me, I bought 2 boxes which consist of only white chocolate cookies. I prefer the white chocolate cookies more than the milk chocolate~ I got it in paper box(similar to my brother's) and in tin box.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the tin! It's gorgeous! I didn't expect it to be so pretty! I didn't rip the wrapper of the paper box therefore, no photo for that. Anyway, it looks exactly the same as my brother's... Just that the color of the box cover and the printing inside are slightly different and consist of only white chocolates. Anyway, who cares about the ordinary paper box!? Let us put our focus on the white chocolate cookies!

A layer of white chocolate in between two thin butter cookies~ The white chocolate cookies taste very milky and it melt in your mouth. Combined it with the thin layers of butter cookies = PERFECT! The cookie itself has a light butter flavor and has a soft and crisp texture and when you bite and chew it, it turns into somewhat like powdery? kind of texture. I'm not good at describing texture...? So yea..., I might be wrong though... However honestly, the cookie taste and texture is really nice.

Just to add on..., I found it a little bit too sweet and I have to drink water after eating it. Well personally, I don't like sweet stuff but again, white chocolate is supposed to be SWEET! Thus, I can't complain too much. (`_´)ゞ

Anyway, it's really pricey manxz! The paper box contain 24 packets cost SGD$37 while the pretty tin box contain 27 packets cost SGD$44.80. An additional SGD$7.80 was added in just for the tin box and 3 more packets of the cookies. I believe Japan sells more cheaper! LOL! (¬_¬)

Regarding to where to get these cookies in Singapore, I don't think you can find them anywhere in Singapore unless there's a Hokkaido fair. That's an assumption uh... But that is what I've heard so far...

If you are fond of chocolates cookies and you happen to come across some stores selling these cookies, buy and try it! (・ー・)


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