Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Pyssla N/Perler/Hama beads Tutorial

This is a re-blog post.(=w=)  It's all about Pyssla N beads .aka. Perler beads .aka. Hama beads. I have blogged the tutorial at my old blog(Teenydiaries/Teensydiaries) before and since I've turned it into a private blog, I think I should reblog it here. What I did was just copied everything from my old blog post and then PASTE it here! Wow, easy huh!? *laughs*

Without further ado, shall we start? (Yes, of course! *laughs nervously*)

1. Place your pegboard on a flat surface.
2. Create your design by placing the beads onto the pegboard. Make sure you place the beads next to each other on the pegboard so that when you heat them using the iron, they will fuse together.
3. Preheat your household iron to medium.
4. Place the iron or parchment paper over the finish design and move the iron in a circular motion gently over the beads for 10 seconds. *Make sure you place the iron or parchment paper over the finish design when you iron!*
5. Wait for the design to cool before removing the iron or parchment paper!

First of all, you will need the following items...
Pyssla beads and pegboards. Don't forget your iron and parchment paper!

Design No. #1: Rainbow~
You will need..................................
- a round, circle pegboard
- 19 red beads
- 12 orange beads
- 11 yellow beads
- 10 green beads
- 7 blue beads
- 36 white beads.

Design No. #2: Giraffe
You will need...................................
- a square pegboard
- 44 yellow beads
- 20 brown beads
- 1 black bead
- 1 pink bead.

Design No. #3: Hello Kitty!
Again, you will need a square pegboard. A larger one... I didn't count the number of beads for this design because I'm lazy~ (^_^;)

Okay anyway, zoom-in for a better view.
Is this counted as a tutorial? I don't know. Lol. But anyway, have fun playing with Pyssla N beads!(:
P/S: I bought the beads from IKEA(Singapore).


  1. Where to find parchment paper?

  2. To Anonymous:


    I bought everything from Singapore IKEA.
    The pegboard pack comes with 2 sheets of parchment paper. You can try using baking paper. I've tried and it works the same. :D

  3. what if u dont have parchment paper or baking paper?

  4. To Anonymous:

    you need either one of the papers. don't iron the beads without using the paper — the beads will melt and stick to your iron.

  5. how can i order it?do you have any contact ?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I don't have a round board, so can I use the square one instead?? To make the rainbow i mean, and any other round patterns. Please, I'm dying to know, Thx alots :)

  8. @Mimi Alyssa

    The round pegboard can make a perfect round curve pattern. I don’t know whether you can use the square one to make round patterns since I never try it before… you might want to try it and see if it works… :)

  9. Hi, you said you bought everything from Ikea ? Including the beads ? So I can just get everything there ? Roughly how much everything cost? Thanks:)

  10. Hi, Cool designs! :) I would like to know if you do conduct a workshop for this?

  11. @Anonymous
    Yeah, including the beads. I bought the tub of beads at the price of SGD$9.90 and i think SGD$3? for the pegboard set. :)

    No, I do not conduct workshops. :)

  12. Very nice ! Thank you for this charing. I love the rainbow and the Hello Kitty...

  13. Which ikea you got it from? Tampinies? Which section, because I went to ikea and i cant find it :(

    1. Yea, I got it from Ikea Tampines. You can find it in Children’s Toys section. :)

    2. hey! I'm from Indonesia and I really want to buy a tube of pyssla beads just like yours. Well, on June 14th I'll stay at the Chinatown, can I found it there? thanks before :D

    3. Hi there! Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been busy lately. (><”)

      Regarding to your question, well… I rarely go to Chinatown so I don’t really know if any of the shops there sell Pyssla beads. I guess probably not? Just to let you know, I bought it from IKEA Tampines(Singapore), Children’s Toys Section. If you have time, you might want to drop by IKEA Tampines (Singapore). :D

  14. Can i buy it at jurong point ??

    1. Sorry, I don’t know if any other places besides IKEA Tampines have this. :)

  15. hola haz mas cositas pero grandes y monas te puedo dar ideas en mi tienda y comenta en

  16. Can I use tracing paper?

    1. Sorry for the late reply... :x

      I wasn't sure about it... I never try using tracing paper before... Sorry can't help you. :x

  17. You can use tracing paper. I do that all the time with mini hama beads, works just fine.

  18. Do u know about how many pyssla beads ars there in one container? Thnx

  19. Just made Hello Kitty - Thanks for sharing!

  20. Replies
    1. yes, you can reuse the paper that came with the kit.

  21. can you use other types of paper besides wax paper and parchment paper

  22. Do you know if the pyssla beads, hama beads, and perler beads and pegboards are interchangeable?

  23. I made a gift pack inspired by your post.

  24. Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings will become exciting events as you watch your loved ones marvel at their handmade beaded gift from you!orbeez


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